Mock Appeals

Expert judicial panel that will help you prepare and present compelling arguments

Your mock appeal/trial will be presented to a Panel of Judges/Justices, who will consider your presentation. Just as if you were arguing your case before the Trial Court, Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court, the Judges on your mock appeal/trial panel will critically and aggressively question you about your positions and presentation.

After the first presentation, the Judges will meet with you to discuss the issues and make suggestions for more effectively presenting your case. You will then re-argue your case to the same panel.  Alternatively, the process can be tailored to your unique circumstances.

maps will arrange for:

  • A Moderator to work with you and coordinate all aspects of the proceedings
  • A Panel of Judges (number based on your preferences)
  • A facility with food and refreshments, if necessary
  • Audio/visual equipment, upon request

You will only need to:

  • Provide a copy of all briefs and the record to each Judge
  • Appear before the Judges and argue as though you were before the Trial Court, Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court