About maps

  "maps creates a warm, friendly environment with a helpful staff
that is conducive to successful mediations."

Many lawyers, insurance companies, risk managers and legal departments use alternative dispute resolution on a daily basis to help resolve claims, disputes and litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 1987, we became Louisiana’s original alternative dispute leader. From the beginning, a distinguishing attribute to clients has been our prestigious Mediation Panel, including attorneys, retired judges and justices. Our panel has handled over 50,000 cases, ranging from simple tort to complex class actions and commercial matters.

Our services include ArbitrationMediationUmpires/Appraisals, Jury Focus Groups, Mock AppealsCLE and CE seminars, Lien Resolutions Services, and Medicare Set Asides (MSAs)

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of varied dispute resolution services to those who put their trust in us;
To have established, long-term client, Mediator and Arbitrator relationships based on trust and continued integrity;
To have happy employees in a quality work environment.

maps Directors

Robert Jenks
Director / President

Michael Moran
Director / Vice President

Roger Larue 
Director / Secretary / Treasurer