Jury Focus Groups

Expert Assistance in Evaluating Potential Jurors’ Reaction

maps has the expertise and resources you can trust to provide affordable, reliable services that are customizable to the needs of each case.

Work with a maps Moderator to:

  • Effectively present all sides of the case.
  • Prepare a short form of pertinent legal and factual issues that are alleged by each party. This is to allow the maps Moderator to briefly explain to the panel, the parties’ issues in the case.

What to Expect:

  • An experienced Moderator to work with the attorneys to assist in a presentations which effectively presents all sides of the case.
  • A demographically-representative panel of jurors professionally recruited in the area where the case is to be tried.
  • An appropriate venue for the jury to meet.
  • Video and audio recordings of the proceedings, if requested.
  • Counsel to aggressively summarize and argue both sides of the case with the effective use of the most impactful evidence.

Fees are based on a case by case basis. Contact our offices for a free consultation.