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maps Lien Resolution Services understands the true value in strong relationships.  Our management is always available to assist with your case.  We encourage you to reach out, and look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to speak with someone about your case, please send us your information and we will be in contact as soon as possible.


Option 1: Call 504.831.2141 or 800.443.7351 and speak with a case administrator

Option 2: Fax Referral Form to 504.837.2566 or 800.878.5080

​Option 3: Email Referral Form to


Lien Resolution Services Referral Form
Required claimant information to submit the case to maps Lien Resolution Services.

Proof of Representation
Allows Medicare/Contractors permission to discuss the case with maps Lien Resolution Services.

HIPAA Release
Allows all non-Medicare entities permission to discuss the case with maps Lien Resolution Services.

Final Settlement Detail Document
To be submitted with case settlement details to obtain the Final Demand Amount.

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Roger J. Larue, JD, MBA
President and Lead Lien Compliance Officer

Michael J. Moran, JD
Legal Review Manager

Robert A. Jenks, JD
Legal Review Manager

Denise D. Oliva, CPA
Financial Manager




Amanda Hurst

Tandi Sarrazin

Nicole Barrios

Lucien Weber, III