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Affordable, reliable, tailored, expert jury research

In litigation, jury focus groups have become invaluable tools in case preparation. It is not necessary to reserve use of jury focus groups for only those cases with the highest value or greatest risk to your client.

It is possible for you to conduct jury research for almost every case. maps® has the expertise and resources you trust to provide affordable, reliable services and techniques that are customizable to the needs of each case.


  • A moderator working closely with the attorneys to assist in an effective presentation
  • A demographically-representative panel of 20 jurors
  • Comfortable, suitable venue with refreshments
  • Audio/visual equipment, upon request
  • Research to identify key demographics of the prospective jury
  • Focus group leaders
  • A determination of the key demographics of a likely jury in your case
  • Members of the jury focus group(s)
  • An Administrator to oversee the focus group process
  • Focus group leaders
  • An appropriate venue for the jury to meet and evaluate your case
  • An observation area, as needed
  • A Moderator who will probe panelists on key issues
  • Video and audio recordings of the proceedings, if requested

The mechanics

  • Moderated by an experienced lawyer.
  • Usually conducted from 6 – 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday.
  • Our moderator will meet as often as needed to help identify your case-specific needs.
  • An administrator will coordinate all aspects of the proceedings.
  • Both sides of the cases are presented in short but intense form to one (or more, if necessary) focus group. Jurors will give their response to the issues and facts, either in writing or orally through custom-designed questionnaires developed to determine particularly sensitive or strong issues and positions.
  • The panel will also answer more questionnaires about specific points of your case.
  • As an option, deliberation can be digitally recorded.
  • At the end of the entire presentation, the jury will deliberate and you may view the deliberation.
  • Through the questionnaires and deliberation, you will have seen inside the minds of people whose profiles make them likely members of the juror pool for your case.

What is needed from you

You simply provide:

  • A short form of pertinent jury charges for the Moderator to read.
  • A short form of pertinent jury interrogatories, deleting references to the actual parties, if possible, on all exhibits
  • Counsel to aggressively summarize and argue with the exhibits from all sides of the dispute.


  • Average total cost in the greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas is $10,000, including hard costs. All hard costs are “pass through” without any add-ons by maps®.
  • For more details on our Jury Focus Group techniques and services, please call us at 800.443.7351
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